Château de Beauvallon

Château Beauvallon is an outstanding property, with a rich historical heritage, located on the hill of Beauvallon and which benefits from unrivalled views across the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Between Sainte-Maxime and Grimaud, in a quiet residential neighbourhood comprised of charming individual houses, woodland and vineyards and next to the golf course of Beauvallon, the property is ideally located, 300m from the sea and the beaches of Grimaud.

A unique property filled with history


The Château and its annexes comprise more than 3,200m2 and sit in a 8.3-hectare park of protected woodland with views on the most coveted gulf of the French Riviera. 


Through the centuries, the ownership of Château Beauvallon was passed to families who were among those that have marked the history of France, from advisers to Kings of France to famous music composers.


Acquired by OLMA Luxury Holdings in 2017, the Château Beauvallon is currently the subject of planed extensive renovations in association with a real estate developer who has successfully carried out premium projects in the region involving a similar sized property.

In the XVth century, Imbert de Batarnay Bouchage, owner of the property, was one of the closest and most trusted advisers of Kings Louis XI and Charles VIII.


In the early XVIIth century, ownership of the Château returned to Bourbon-Montpensier, one of the richest families in France at that time. Marie de Bourbon-Montpensier, Countess of Bouchage, married Gaston d'Orleans, the only brother of Louis XIII. This marriage explains the presence of the fleur-de-lys, the emblem of the Bourbon family, in both upper corners of the shield that is present on the front of the main building and above the main gate of the Château.


Château Beauvallon was last occupied in the early XXth century by Mr Daniel Olliver, son of the Prime Minister of Napoleon III and Blandine Liszt. Blandine Liszt was the daughter of the pianist and composer Franz Liszt and niece of Richard Wagner, who have both stayed at the property on several occasions.


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